Entreprenuership is a marathon! – Bia Sandhu on being a womenpreneur


In a world where hard skills and IQ are no longer sufficient to get your job done, this woman-preneur hopes to equip entrepreneurs with the additional charm they need.

We had the opportunity of interviewing Bia Sandhu, founder of Parfait Image Consultancy, on her journey as a women entrepreneur. With a dream of starting off on her own, she decided to combine her expertise in etiquettes, fashion and people to start an Image Consultancy firm.

“Relationship building and connecting with people on a social and interpersonal level has always been my forte. My family has been my driving force. I decided to take my social competence to a different level by helping people look and feel great and confident about themselves all the time,” says Bia.

An internationally certified Image Consultant, Bia is an expert in her field of work. She was also invited to ‘Mrs. India – I am Beautiful 2015’ as an Image Consultant to train the finalists on Image Management and Personality Development. Since then, there has been no stopping for her! From training contestants at beauty pageants to even corporate sessions and individual consultations, Bia is now living her dream.


“Eventually, the aim is to help people to be successful in their lives which could come through the Dress to Impress, Body Language, Personality Development, Styling and Grooming, Soft Skills and lots of other services that Parfait has to offer,” she explains.

Being a mother of two and juggling between two professions and family commitments, she feels that being a woman entrepreneur is not easy but not difficult either. She believes that lines are becoming blurred for all professions and times are moving in favor of women slowly and steadily.

“As a woman, you need to remain focused, be strong and determined, keeping innovative thinking and farsightedness in mind throughout as there is a lot of cut-throat competition out there…”, she says.

With her start-up she hopes to aid other startups who need that extra push when it comes to presenting themselves and shaping their personalities. In the highly competitive industries of today, any differentiation can make or break your business. A little more grooming definitely goes a long way today.

“An entrepreneur’s life is not like a sprint, it’s a marathon. You need to have the will of a marathon runner to carry on,” says Bia.

Bia’s future plans for Parfait is to build it into a world renowned brand that will continue to transform people’s lives and get the best out of them as individuals. She hopes to inspire many other women like herself to live their dreams.

“Always believe in yourself and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Follow your dreams and pursuits and have the courage of conviction to follow them till the end. Never give up… The world is your oyster and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.”

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