FIVE Key Roles of a Community Manager

Many companies are now properly utilising social media and community development to improve their relations with their audience further. Professionals ...
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Four Marketing Myths That Prevent Many Businesses From Thriving

Isn’t it amazing how many sources of inspiration and advice there are out there to help online business owners achieve ...
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Time to get real about social media’s role in your bottom line

In a recent meeting with a client in a transitional marketing overhaul – and finally seeing the end of tunnel ...
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Start Guru Profile of the Week – Yogesh Kumar – Empowering Women with Jobs

An electrical engineer turned entrepreneur – Yogesh Kumar is proving to be the lighting beacon for women. For many women ...
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A New Launchpad for Indian Startups by Amazon!

With the ever-growing e-commerce industry in India, Amazon has finally launched into the Indian startup market! After associating with Department ...
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#FinancialFriday – What demonetization means for small businesses!

Our PM, Mr. Narendra Modi, truly shook India with his announcement last night. Following the demonetization of Rs. 500 and ...
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7 Accepted Startup Principles Violated By Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a one-in-a-million entrepreneur who seemed to violate many conventional rules of starting a business and dealing with ...
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Why Every Startup Entrepreneur Should Vuja De?

If you are a startup entrepreneur, there are moments when you feel stuck. You need radical thinking. Fresh perspectives. New ...
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Profile of the Week – Ashish Gupta – The investment banker with a different drive!

We have all witnessed and heard of individuals, giving up their lucrative careers to embrace their entrepreneurial side; but this ...
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India’s first individual gold medalist Abhinav Bindra is now biting the entrepreneurial bullet

In his own words, life after the Rio Olympics is about trying to earn a living. India’s ace shooter Abhinav ...
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