EIC Speaker: Rohan Bhargava – The Equilibrium Maker!

rohan bhargava

Penetrating into a completely new market and emerging as a success isn’t easy but Rohan Bhargava with his dedication has proved it wrong and thus for all good reasons, he is one of the most looked – forward to speakers at the EIC 2016.

Finding equilibrium between shopping and saving money, Rohan Bhargava’s CashKaro.com is a need of the hour! As a qualified CFA, Bhargava started his career with an asset management fund ‘Washington Square’ right after completing college in 2004. He then joined Aladdin Capital, a large US based hedge fund company.

Thereafter, in 2011, he co-founded Pouring Pounds, a cashback business in the UK with his wife, Swati Bhargava. While the business was booming in UK, the burgeoning Indian e-commerce became one of his main motivations to introduce the Cashback concept in India. So, in 2013, he launched CashKaro.com. It is now India’s largest Cashback & Coupon site. It is a one stop destination for savings on all online shopping enabling our members to compare prices, earn up to 30% extra cashback and also get free coupons across 1000+ sites.

“Cashkaro and PouringPounds operate in three separate geographies seamlessly, all thanks to incredible, efficient and cheap technology. Technology has revolutionised communication and access to information was never easier, thereby multiplying business efficiencies. Cloud computing is another major technology evolution that is touching everyday lives, be it hosting solutions or collaboration”, says Bhargava when asked about how technology has changed the way he works.

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