Entrepreneurs’ Contribution to World Peace Day!




On the occasion of World Peace Day, we should all recognize and implement our roles in working towards world peace! If you’re thinking, ‘What can I do as an entrepreneur?’ think again.

It’s not just the work of diplomats and militants, entrepreneurs are key in building peace as well. In today’s hyper-connected economy, security failures in one corner of the world can also cause an economic catastrophe on the other side of the world. Hence, it’s safe to say that promoting greater security and prosperity is in everyone’s best interest. Entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to make an even bigger impact with their businesses. Your effect can not only be felt locally, but also globally.

Conflicts often arise because of the many developmental challenges facing the world. Inequality and poverty (between and within countries) are the two which continue to rise with passing time. However, entrepreneurs are the answer to this age-old issue.

Apart from the obvious increase in GDP and employment that entrepreneurs can provide, there is a lot more.

Driven by necessity and opportunity, they are the ones who can fill the gap left by weak government institutions during conflict, like in the case of providing basic goods and services to the people. The demand-driven nature of the entrepreneurial business also means that they can make the optimum use of resources and productive reallocation of them.

Innovations, often the most prominent characteristic of entrepreneurs is what provides creative solutions for the restructuring and growth of these post-conflict economies.

Aside from social entrepreneurs who can work towards improving social conditions in their own regions, we are looking at social entrepreneurs on a global level. If you can identify a single way in which you can work towards making your surroundings more harmonious or resolve a conflict however small, you are working towards world peace.

Entrepreneurs, it’s time you realize your significance. Together, the entrepreneurial community can be the agents of change that drive World Peace, in their own way.

On this day, how are you contributing to more happiness in the world?


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