Ganesha, the almighty lord of prosperity and wisdom is one of my favorite gods. The God who is worshiped before the start of any work and here we are starting up with our idea, therefore it becomes mandatory for us to learn many things from our Bappa.

People worship him for being blessed with ever fortune and riches. He is considered as the sign of good luck and triumph whenever any important business step or management body is supposed to do manage things. Thus, before taking any vital step, related to prosperity, finance or management, Lord Ganesha is remembered for sure. He represents the epitome of authority and wisdom which makes him a management expert for the working professionals.

Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, we take a reason of thanking the god for all he has given us through his teachings. Let’s have a look at the precious lessons helpful for entrepreneurs, taught by Lord of wisdom, Ganesha.

Eyes focused with concentration: 

The small eyes of Ganesha symbolize focus and concentration. Once you have chalked out your financial goals, you should keep your eyes firmly on them and work diligently towards achieving them in the time frame you have stipulated for yourself.

All the better to listen with large ears: 

The large ears of Ganesha tell you keep your ears open wide for financial advice. Today there is a lot of financial advice being disseminated on television, newspapers, websites and even social media platforms. If you are alert and keep your ears open, you will be able to glean the best advice that will help you and you startup to a large extent to cope up with the Competition outside.

Keep a check on what you say with a small mouth: 

The small mouth of the Ganesha tells you that you should not be loud mouthed about your Startup plan. If you seek advice or need to discuss investment ideas do it only with a trustworthy few.

Fork out bad investments with tusk like power: 

The tusk of the Lord for which he is referred to as “Ekdanataya” conveys that one should have the ability to fork out the investments that are not performing well and holding back the potential of your idea or plan. Periodic assessment of your plan and its achievements, Goals, Vision and Mission is an important part of financial planning.

Be adaptable to unfavourable conditions: 

Lord Ganesha is referred to as the “Vakratunda” or the one with a large trunk. The trunk of the Lord tells you to be patient and adaptable when the things are not so good. Market conditions vary due to several microeaconomic and macroeconomic factors which at times may have a negative impact on your Startup Plan. At such times, you should not panic and make rash decisions. Instead, you should keep your cool and see what best can be done as far as rejigging your plan is concerned.

Your risk appetite should be adequate: 

The large stomach of the Lord, by which Ganesha is referred to as “Lambodara” tells you that you should have the ability to stomach the good as well as bad. Despite taking precautions, it is imperative that you will incur some losses from time to time. The large stomach of the Lord says that you should have the adequate risk appetite to stomach the consequences of your investment decisions.

The reward comes in good time: 

Modaks, the favourite dessert of the Lord is distributed as “prasada” after the aarti is done. This is the Lord’s way of telling you that if you have worked hard to make a financial plan successful you will be rewarded with sweet gains in due course of time, and can lead a life without financial worries.

So now that you have learnt what the beautiful deity of Lord Ganesha symbolizes, do invoke his blessings as you embark on the path of wealth creation.

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