Happy Birthday Connor Franta – YouTuber to Entrepreneur!




This #MotivationMonday is perfect to be motivated by the entrepreneurial spirit of Connor Franta – the face of ‘Entrepreneur’ magazine’s September issue!

With 5.6 million subscribers on YouTube, he has started his baby steps towards molding his image from just a guy making videos to a real businessman with style.

His aim is to build a business that does not just rely on his famous face. Let’s face it; the harsh truth is that fame and face do not last whereas a business will go on till you can sustain it.

This was his thought behind Common Culture – his online merchandise store that sells everything from coffee to clothes.

“The ideal goal would be to make Common Culture a name brand that is omnipresent and sells on its own, where no one even knows or cares that I had anything to do with it,” he explains.

He has managed to translate this into his book as well – A Work in Progress. Unlike other Youtubers like Grace Helbig and Michelle Phan who have their faces on the book cover, Connor went for a simple image that he designed. His book eventually was on the New York Times best-seller list for 16 weeks and sold 500,000 copies!

Connor makes sure that his every move builds to something greater – whether it is the specific timing of his posts on social media or the kind of videos he makes.

“Every day, I’m faced with people who see me as a child who accidentally accumulated a large social media following,” he says. “I’m very young, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have the drive or capabilities to make something great. Never underestimate the power of pure passion.”

His online success is what led to his entrepreneurial success as well. Hence the average entrepreneur might be mildly annoyed by this. But he is making the most of his fate! He is trying to reach people who are not in his circle of influence as well.

On his 23rd birthday, we wish him even greater success ahead and hope that he achieves his goal of building a brand that is not just about a famous face.

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