Saturday Special – How Start-ups Took On the Kabali Craze!




The release of Rajnikant’s Kabali had taken the world by storm. With companies declaring holidays and even booking movie theatres for their employees, there is no question that Rajnikant is the ultimate superstar.

However, it is worthy to note how start-ups have smartly piggy-backed on this rave. Sounds interesting?

Here are start-ups who gave a new and innovative take on pegging on trends:

  1. GoBumpr

This car and bike servicing mobile application start-up has been a blessing to its employees and customers. Going further from providing T-shirts, mugs and first-day-first-show tickets, they introduced ‘Kabalification’ of vehicles like cars and bikes.

It also offered 10 percent off to get vehicles fixed to drive down to theatres and provided priority immediate roadside assistance for all those who watched Kabali on first day. If that isn’t customer service to the T then what is?


  1. TheSocial People

A Rajinikanth-themed costume party? Isn’t that a great idea to rev up your office atmosphere and boost your employees’ morale? TheSocialPeople, a digital marketing start-up, used the film’s release to give their employees a break from the mundane routine.    That day must have been a hilarious sight for all.


  1. Cover It Up

‘Cover it up’ is into making high-quality mobile phone cases and coffee cups. Recently, it partnered with the makers of Kabali for the making the official, exclusive merchandise for the movie. From printed smart-phone cases to coffee mugs, posters and tee shirts – all with Kabali’s photos and dialogues. They truly went to town with the theme!


  1. Faintain Sports

A fan relationship management startup, Faintain sports did the coolest thing yet. They dedicated their analytics engine to come up with ‘Kabali sentiment’ – an infographic on the mood of the people around the movie.

That’s not all, they also held contests among the employees and while the winner received four tickets to the movie, the runner-up got two.


  1. Oye There

This hyperlocal delivery website start-up booked two Inox screens for Kabali, a tradition of theirs since 2007 for other Rajini-films as well.

Deciding to take it a step further this time, they extended the offer to customers and staff as well! Customers who shopped with them got movie tickets and all employees were taken for the Sunday show with their families.


Whether Rajnikanth’s Kabali hit it off at the box-office or not doesn’t matter anymore. It has managed to stir quite the positivity for companies.

Being at business is a tough job; sometimes such pleasures are well-deserved and needed! After all, few can resist a good-old Rajnikant movie.

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