Introducing #SaturdaySpecial – a new niche!


The weekend is here! As much as we entrepreneurs enjoy working our butts off the whole week, inching closer and closer to our dreams – we deserve a break too.

To disrupt the formal flow of things, we decided to bring you something special on the weekends. We’re starting an article series just for these special days when you want to know about the other things happening in the world – #SaturdaySpecial.

Whether it’s the latest movie everyone is raging about, a television series that is nailing it, a game driving everyone insane, an application that has everyone’s attention, an interesting event or just a person– we’ll cover it all for you.

Besides, in this ever changing landscape of new trends and emerging culture, it’s nice to keep up with it. Knowing what’s new and popular is essential in shaping your business too!

“Pop culture is not about depth. It’s about marketing, supply and demand, consumerism. 

– Trevor Dunn”

Maybe you can take a cue, pick up inspiration or learn something from them. There is so much to explore in the popular culture of today! After all, a true entrepreneur is an innovator who sees things differently.

“The power of pop culture stories should not be underestimated, and there is an enormous potential for inspirational stories that can have a positive, transformative effect on our lives. 

– Anita Sarkeesian”

Have some ideas already? Tell us about them! What are some of your favorite movies, TV shows or even books? Let’s make Saturdays special and ease the tension.

Till then, stay tuned for our first article going up next week. We revamped everyone’s favorite, Sex and the City, to prove that the movie is more than just about relationships, sex, shopping, Monolo Blahniks, men and Manhattan.

We hope you enjoy this series and there’s more to look forward to on Saturdays for all your entrepreneurs!

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