It’s here: Instagram “Save Draft” Button Is Rolling Out Worldwide


It was back in August, when we talked about the Instagram Save Draft button. For the unlucky ones, those not originally included in the beta testing, the wait is over. Instagram is beginning a widespread launch for the much-anticipated feature.

Instagram Save Draft allows you to save all changes and edits you have made to your pictures, including captions and location details, without having to go through the process again. To access the feature, all you have to do is to hit “back” at any stage of the photo-editing process.

As Instagram announced, the update is already rolling out to all users. So, if you want to see for yourself how it works, just check your app, or update to the latest version.

The feature could prove to be very successful for brands and professional Instagrammers, as it will allow them to store pictures and story lines on devices. What hasn’t been confirmed yet, is whether drafts are saved locally in the app’s memory, or in-platform. If they are saved in-platform, anyone with access to the account would be able to see a draft and edit it.

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