Messenger My Day: How Facebook Brought Snapchat To Messages.


Facebook is not done copying and implementing Snapchat features. Just a few days ago, a new feature dubbed “My Day” appeared on Facebook Messenger, reminding users of its resemblance to Snapchat.

The feature was first brought to our attention by Franciszek Georgiew, Founder of Social Tigers. Apparently it has only been deployed in Poland for now. We reached out to Facebook who confirmed a the feature is currently being tested in Poland only.

“My Day” is a new feature that appears over recent conversations when users open Messenger on their mobile device. And yes, it looks exactly as if you were on Snapchat.

Franciszek explained that although there are no “lenses” everything else works just like on Snapchat. Users can add stickers, they are encouraged to share their current state of mind, feelings and even use some larger stickers to invite friends to join in the conversation.

As with Instagram Stories, you can see who viewed your “Day.” Franciszek told us that only a couple of his friends had been using the feature, out of his 500+ Facebook friends. Of course this was only during the first hours of the feature being launched.

Overall, Messenger “My Day” feels like a beta version of something bigger to come. Instagram has been very successful at implementing Stories, probably stealing quite a few users from Snapchat on the way. This new feature, integrated at the heart of Messenger, seems like one more hard hit Facebook is throwing at Snapchat. And our guess, is that with over 1 billion users worldwide, Messenger will probably succeed into stealing a few more Snapchat users.

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