My Most Valuable Productivity Hack For ‘Wantrepreneurs’


Don’t Read This! It’s only the most valuable productivity hack you can learn to go from a wantrepreneur to an entrepreneur.

As a dropout from college, who wanted to chase his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur but having no plan, I was really heading towards making a lot of mistakes. Needless to say, I struggled a lot and fought through. And throughout the time I struggled constantly with one problem, which is a derivative of the shiny object syndrome. (And I am sure most future entrepreneurs can relate to this). I didn’t have a plan, so I tended to chase every single opportunity that was shinier than the one in hand, starting multiple ventures but not really reaching anywhere with any of my ventures.

One day I read an answer by on Quora about the the best-kept secrets of successful business people by Brian Scudamore, Founder and CEO of O2E Brands

And reflecting I realised what I was doing was much more procrastination than any real important and productive work.

Soon as I realised what was wrong and I started working on it, reading and implementing all I could about prioritization and productive. Which includes this awesome article “The Number 1 Rule to Get Things Done” Daniel DiPiazza. Prioritization the one skill that I was lacking.

I wouldn’t say I have been extremely successful, but today my blog has an average organic search traffic of 25,877/month. I have met, networked and now know many pros in the content industry, I am not working on any far fetched ventured. And I just launched my first product on crowd-funding platform two weeks ago.

Here’s what I can suggest from what I have learned, mostly from my failed ventures.

Don’t let money (funding) cloud your judgment

Things that are most important and urgent may not be the things that you like to do the most

Build your first real business before starting multiple ventures in desire to become a serial entrepreneur

Short term survival and long term vision, are the only two important things for an entrepreneur who is just starting out

Mistakes, failure or going broke is not the end of the world but it’s important to learn from mistakes so that you don’t move towards being a serial failure.

No idea is bad, so don’t stop till you find out and fix what’s wrong, but stay focused.
What I learnt about prioritisation from my own journey helped me create my first product – The Bhasad Day Planner, which is basically a day planner to help people to prioritize their to do lists, into Stephen R Covey’s 4 quadrants. But since planning a to do list is generally perceived as boring I used local slang and made the cover with customizable. And the kind of response it has gotten has taken me by storm.

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