Profile of the Week – Ajit Babu. Learning :– You are only limited by your own mind.




Sometimes we let obstacles become our excuses without giving it much thought. Well, this entrepreneur did all but back down to his setbacks!

Born as a premature child, Ajit Babu was diagnosed with cerebral palsy – a condition that leads to movement disorder and dyslexia – a learning disability. However, he grew up as normally as other children and developed a keen interest in writing and journalism.

His enthusiasm in joining college was met with dismay as his dyslexia stopped him from coping with many subjects. He eventually dropped out and started working at call centers which paid him really well. However, his entrepreneurial calling soon kicked in and he knew he had to start off on his own.

Although his family disapproved of him leaving good jobs, he carried on. They even advised him to take up a government job under the handicapped quota but Ajit was not one to budge.

I hated being treated differently. I did not want anything involving sympathy.”

He joined a friend and started an advertising company called Dream Click Concepts in 2009. Ajit would also give motivational speeches at colleges about start-ups and the basics of marketing and sales.

Ajit’s next big idea came from the Nepal Earthquake where realized how easy it would have been to rebuild the country had it been more dependent on renewable energy.

LifeHack Innovation was then conceived – a company that focuses on bringing renewable energy into the everyday lives of people.

“I am dyslexic. I have a problem with understanding many concepts but once I am interested in something I put in all my effort to find out more about it.” 

Ever heard of friend-funding?

He discussed the idea with his friends and they were more than willing to support him. 15 to 20 of his friends crowd-funded the money required for his entrepreneurial venture. LifeHack Innovation continues its quest to bring in renewable energy.

There is no stopping this guy! He is an inspiration to all of us as he works hard to achieve his dreams, putting aside his disabilities.

“As far as the future is concerned, I have just one thought in my head – as much as I hate being called specially-abled, I have always been treated so. So why not show the world what a special guy can do?”


  1. Just because a route is easier does not mean it is worth it
  2. Sometimes ideas come in the form of disasters
  3. Never be limited by what other people think of you

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