Profile of the week – Vinita Jain – Taking traditional to the next level


While many of us shrug and shy away from our cultural heritage and traditions, this entrepreneur decided to use them in the right way.

Vinita Jain was always enthusiastic about exploring Ayurveda and hence she took up biochemistry. After realizing the immense potential that the field held, her entrepreneurial instincts kicked in and she pursued her MBA as well.

Wasting no time at all, she formed a team of 6 Ayurveda doctors and Biotechnologists to start research on her products. Her determination to combine her passion for bio science and business led to Biotique.

Fast forward to 14 years from its inception, Vinita has managed to make Biotique a global brand with a patronage of several celebrities as well.

When Biotique entered the Indian market, Vinita had the tough task of competing with Shahnaz Husain’s range of herbal beauty products. However, with a strong product differentiation and intense R&D, she has brought her brand to where it is today.

Recently, Biotique partnered with OYO Rooms to provide them with herbal toiletries. Vinita has also expressed her interesting in tying up with more startups in the future!

A one of kind entrepreneur, Vinita proved to the world that taking the traditional route and using cultural remedies can take you to great heights. You just have to put your mind to it and take the best out of it.

She set the bar for all other herbal beauty brands with her hard work behind her products and global expansion in such a short time.

Currently, Biotique ships its products to almost all countries and is available all across India. With 8 outlet stores already, the brand has also gone online with its products being available across all major online stores.


  1. Don’t skip your Research & Development
  2. If you want to expand internationally, don’t give up on quality
  3. Don’t be afraid of competition

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