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Ever wondered how difficult it is for the visually impaired to find their way through the hustle and bustle on the roads? Not just for the visually impaired, but also for people trying to reach a place they don’t know the way to.

Technology has come to their rescue.

To conquer this problem, Anirudh Sharma along with his friend Krispian Lawrence started Ducere Technologies; the parent company of Lechal who produce wearable haptic shoes. They started Lechal in 2014 and have gathered a lot of buzz in the market since their launch.


Interesting much? There’s more…

Lechal footwear was born out of a simple impulse to use technology to help the visually-impaired navigate their worlds better. This impulse continues to guide Lechal’s philosophy, putting inclusivity and accessibility first.

Lechal broadly offers four features aiding in navigation, fitness, smart assist and accessibility and is extremely user friendly.

Lechal has more to itself than being a shoe and insole manufacturer and seller.

As the website reads, “since we are as big on our karma quotient as we are on our cool quotient, we thought it only fitting that a portion from the proceeds of the sale of each pair of Lechal footwear goes towards subsidizing a pair for someone who is visually-challenged and not able to purchase one at full price.”

Lechal intends to sell insoles at a significantly low price range to organizations that work with the visually impaired. Lechal has also collaborated with the world renowned L. V. Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad to realize their dream of covering the whole community in a nation that is called the ‘blind capital of the world’.

It is very considerate of Lechal to have conceived this concept and executed it so well. We wish them all the success for their kind deed.

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