Start up of the week – MedDNA – the startup from a family of doctors!




The healthcare sector in India has always been an area of concern. Be it the deficiency of doctors, the slow treatment or the gaps in the process flow – we can go on about the numerous pitfalls that exist.

However, a family of doctors went beyond just pointing out the problems – they set out to solve them. Meet the Khemka family!

“When we were in the US and had to visit doctors, we realized how streamlined the processes were: from searching for a doctor to booking an appointment, getting the medicine and tests, all of it was done online through connected systems,”  says Shilpi Khemka, CEO and Co-founder of MedDNA.

Shilpi, along with Abhishek Khemka and Ankit Vijayvargiya launched MedDNA, a patient-focused independent medical platform, in January 2016.

They developed a very unique way of acquiring medical help using technology.

The platform has four important pillars — doctors, patients, pharmacies and laboratories. The patient is kept in the centre of the system. MedDNA connects them through a mobile application and website.

The first step is the patient taking an appointment with the doctor. After the patient’s visit, doctors provide prescriptions via MedDNA. This prescription is uploaded on cloud. The platform then sends this information to nearby pharmacies based on the patient’s preference. Even if the doctor recommends tests, the request will be sent to the nearest lab. How cool is that?

They already have more than 2,500 doctors listed from Pune and Mumbai!

It’s great to see a start-up that is using their expertise, knowledge and technology to address problems that have plagued the country for decades. Besides, who knew starting up could be a family affair?

We wish MedDNA all the best in launching their platform and we hope it has the effect that they intent on the healthcare industry in India!

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