Startup of the week – Melorra – Using 3D printing to address the ‘wardrobe mismatch’ in jewellery

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Technology has changed the dynamics of the world. It has made ‘magic’ of the past, a reality of the present. Today we can do unimaginable things with technology and one of the most assuming ones is 3D printing – making anything you want with the click of a button. All you need is an idea and a want.

Melorra is a Bengalaru based online start-up that has very intelligently used this beautiful piece of technology combined with fashion and jewellery. How did no one think of this before?

Saroja Yeramilli, founder of Melorra, recognized the market gap that young women faced in search of jewellery after overhearing a conversation between a mother and daughter at a store.

The problem is that traditional jewellery is primarily designed to be worn during weddings, functions etc with mostly Indian wear. The younger ladies in dresses and skirts experience a ‘wardrobe mismatch’ – a term coined by Yeramilli herself. She took it upon herself to solve this and hence conceived Melorra!

Not only does the start-up create trendy, non-traditional jewellery, it also changes the designs every week to keep up with ‘what’s hot’ in the market. Sounds impossible? Well, they have done it!

Taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends, Melorra creates new designs every week and has a feature called ‘Style Feed’ which advices its users on accessorising their new wardrobe styles with Melorra jewellery. Did we also mention that more than 60 per cent of their jewellery is under Rs. 30,000?

Changing designs every week sounds expensive and one can only imagine the toll it could take on the company’s production and inventory… But they have nothing to worry about. This is where 3D printing came as a blessing to the jewellery brand.

3D printing allows them to be very cost efficient – be it 1 order or a 1000 orders, the startup handles it with ease. They also keep no inventory so that they don’t have to worry about liquidation and can bring out new collections in a short span.

Saroja Yeramilli surely put a lot of thought into her start-up and her efforts have been greatly successful. It has received $5 million in seed funding already this year. Their future shines as brilliant as their jewellery. Melorra stands tall in the list of startups that used technology to fuel innovative ideas in touch with its consumers.

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