Startup of the week – Onspon! A Marketplace for sponsorships.




Whether it is college festivals, competitions, conferences or exhibitions – finding sponsors is a pain! Especially if you are new to the industry and have no contacts whatsoever, be prepared to face hell.

Hitesh Gossain decided to turn this scenario around with his startup!

Introducing – Onspon. It is a tech platform to help brands find sponsors and help create a profitable and well managed event.

What it does is simple. They just connect brands with event organizers via an algorithm based on the demographic data of audience, geography, targets of brands and marketing budgets of brands.

There are many startups as well that require associations and synergies. Hussain recognized that there is no source of revenue for events in India other than from ticketing and the cost of creating high quality events is a lot. This resulted in a shortage of quality events. Hence he conceived Onspon to solve this issue!

You can simply log on to their website and register to create your event so sponsors can find you! Or if you are a sponsor, you can search for events you would like to sponsor from the listings. For greater convenience, the events have been categorized and put into tags.

This startup has already held 9000+ events with 13,200+ event managers registered with them.

Adding to that, they have brands like Tata Motors,, Mahindra Holidays and Nissan already using their services. Onspon plans to scale up the operations, marketing and technology backbone of the product with the new round of funding.

They have recently raised Rupees 1 Crore in angel funding from Indore’s Swan Angel Network.

Onspon is a great example of a startup trying to make the tasks of others easier! Just as Zomato and Bookmyshow have left a mark in the industry, getting sponsors will never be the same with this startup.

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