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We live in a world where options have begun to outnumber our needs. Naturally, we would only want the best. Especially when babies are in the picture, today’s parents do not compromise. New-age parents are particular about the needs of their child and want to provide them with the only best. With so much more information and knowledge accessible to them, parents have become even more aware.

This startup recognized this trend and addressed it cleverly!

Founded in 2015, Parentlane claims to be India’s first social platform to guide parents. It was incubated at Accel Partners Startup Pad, Bangalore and founded by Vijay Anand & Neeraj Kumar Gupta. The Bengaluru-based startup provides parents personalized and trusted advice on the overall development of their child. From infancy to 8 years of age – they know it all!

This age period is considered to be the most critical stage for any human being. Not only do these years determine the child’s survival, but also build a foundation for the child’s learning & holistic development.

Parentlane aims to empower parents by giving them relevant information at the right stage of their child’s development. The best part about it is that parents can get personalized advice. This is done through using Data Science & Machine Learning to map a child’s development.

A bonus feature of the application is a dedicated album of photos or notes that stores every moment of a child’s development. More importantly, it allows members of the community to create or endorse posts, tips on parenting, baby care & overall child development. Experienced parents can also recommend food recipes and activities that work best for children. It’s really a community for the nurturing of healthy and happy children by concerned parents.

Although a very young startup, it has already garnered the attention of many. The first of its angel funding was from a clutch of investors led by Sujeet Kumar (former president of Flipkart). Recently, it secured funding from Capier Investments, the personal investment firm of Rohit MA, co-founder of Cloudnine Hospitals.

Parentlane is definitely a startup you should be watching out for!

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