Startup of the Week – The Ratan Tata funded IdeaChakki!




In a world where technology has changed the landscape of almost everything imaginable, IdeaChakki will make you think again!

Founded by three former NDTV executives Monica Narula, Noopur Tiwari and Gunjan Mehrish, IdeaChakki provides digital video menus for restaurants that allow customers to gift food and beverage experiences anywhere in the world. The interactive app loads on to the restaurant screens, allowing guests to make choices based on their dietary preferences.

The app also has short videos explaining how the dishes are made along with notes about the pronunciation and the origin of the dish. Not only does this allow customers to navigate through the menu at an interactive level but also understand what they are actually eating!

Mehrish says, “Pasta served in one restaurant will look and taste different from what is served in another. We want to tell diners exactly what they will be getting at a particular restaurant.”

The company currently targets premium restaurants in Delhi NCR, but they are looking to expand across the country along with setting up their first international office in Paris!

Recently, the startup received an undisclosed sum of investment from Ratan Tata and is expecting to raise another $1.5 million through Enablers! With industry leaders like Ratan Tata investing in startups, it would give them a credibility boost as well for other investments!

The funds raised from Tata will mainly be used for expansion into new geography along with building the in-house team and strengthening the technology, said the company.

It is very important to note how varying startup industries other than the mainstream ones like e-commerce are being brought into the lime light as well. Gone are the days when investors chose to fund ‘safe’ startups. With technology, ideas and innovation, startups of today are more than equipped to survive and succeed! All you have to do is try.

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