TrulyMadly – ‘Unsingle-ing’ Indians




India is becoming more and more global each day.

With the influx of many new products and services (or ideas), the concept of online dating is one that has gained good momentum.

Finally finding its way into the mainstream Indian culture, online dating is a fast growing industry and startups have rightly recognized this!

TrulyMadly was conceptualized taking cue from its American counterpart, Tinder. But the inspirations of each of its founders – Hitesh, Rahul and Sachin – are as interesting as the platform.

Hitesh Dhingra was on a groom hunt for his sister-in-law when he realized that matchmaking in India hasn’t been addressing consumer needs. He was even almost scammed into losing money to a guy on a popular wedding site who said he lived in Dubai. He asked for money under the pretext of meeting the extended family. Upon more investigation, they found out that he was actually Gujarat-based and was duping people on matchmaking sites!

Rahul Kumar was of the opinion that “having seen the madness of match-hunts and facing a lot of drama in our own lives helped us understand what the independent Indian youth needs in a life partner.”

Sachin Bhatia thought that “right now, the online matrimonial system in India is so cumbersome that people delegate the job to their parents or agents when it’s something deeply personal.”

The three men were determined to lighten the task of finding love in India.

Security was a major concern with such concepts that deterred many girls especially from engaging in it. However TrulyMadly has tackled this very well with its ‘Trust Score’ system. The application gives a percentage ‘score’ to each profile depending upon the information provided by the user. This allows users to assess whether or not the profile can be trusted.

There are also compatibility tests and personality quizzes that users can take in order for the application to present to them the most suited profiles.

If you’re single and wanting to mingle, give it a go! With over a million users on-board already, this startup is on a mission to match hearts in India.

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