Check out what these 3 Senior-preneurs have to say about the younger generation!




Many say that entrepreneurship is for the young. With all that robust energy, stamina, relentless focus, and time – few many think otherwise. But we disagree! Regardless of age, when an opportunity presents itself, a true entrepreneur will just go for it.

In celebrating our senior-preneurs, these five give us more insight on the age-old debate:

  1. Suresh John

Believing that with age comes experience, serial entrepreneur Suresh John was 48-when he founded his latest company RoomsTonite, a last-minute room-booking service. However, John was merely 20 when he founded his first company which sold enterprise resource planning software for hotels.

“You know what levers to turn, how to lay down basics…  Building and running a business is a marathon and not a 100-metre dash. It remains to be seen if 20-year-olds have the stamina to run marathons,” says John.

  1. Ram Subramanium

“At 56, I realised I could take far more risk than those in their twenties— my kids are settled, I have financial freedom and a strong professional network,” says Tapplent founder Ram Subramanian.

His software company helps about a dozen customers manage the millennials in their workforce. He believes that being above 50 is an advantage! Since you have taken care of basic needs, you can take on risks and challenges

  1. K Srikrishnan

After founding and selling Impulsesoft in 2005, at 52 this entrepreneur is at it again. This time with a gaming startup, Zebu Games. His argument is that being older gives you a more realistic perspective.

“Enough people have turned me down and I know everything doesn’t happen overnight… There’s a fine line between perseverance and being stubborn and we don’t easily get crushed because you already faced a lot of nos,” he says.

These senior-preneurs really make us think, don’t they? Maybe it’s time we cast away our notions of older persons. They can do as well, if not better, than younger entrepreneurs.

On International Day of Older Persons, let’s celebrate and appreciate our senior-preneurs!

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